Awarding Arts & Culture

On 6th of February, we were invited by Inclusive Economy to support an event that had the purpose to shine a spotlight on some of the great work that is getting done in the social economy in the Liverpool region, but which often gets overlooked.

We are extremely happy that we could sponsor this event and award ROOT-ed Zine for the inspiring work brought to the Arts & Culture sector.

ROOT-ed (Revolution of our time) is a self-published magazine and a social platform that aims to promote, support and inspire creative people of colour within the North West of England. It was founded by artists Amber Akaunu and Fauziya Johnson during their final year at university in which they both studied Fine Art. The two saw a lack of representation in university, media, galleries and museums and felt the need to create this platform to allow creatives to showcase their talents and skills and voice their thoughts and ideas. ROOT-ed Zine is published quarterly (January, April, July and October), however, constantly posting relevant content on social media platforms.

’’Our mission is to continuously support, represent and promote Creatives of Colour from the NW of England. We aim to commission and help these people with their careers within the arts.

Winning the award felt fantastic. It felt like we did something big for the people we work with. We won the award for them, especially in a city who historically has been systemically racist. Really pleased to have been chosen, so thank you.’’ Fauziya, ROOT-ed Zine

And when it comes to the Arts & Culture sector, we believe that there is always space to promote it more as it celebrates diversity and brings the community together:

“We are delighted to sponsor this award. A lot of our work in the cultural sector, and we value the opportunity to promote, support and celebrate diversity and inclusion – these are important principles that still need fighting for.” Matthew Brown, Managing Director of Adding Value

‘’The arts sector still needs more work. People need to be taken seriously and people also need to create new opportunities without a catch or lack of funds. It’s a complicated, but hopefully the more of smaller organisations that come together and fight the hegemony, the better!’’ Fauziya, ROOT-ed Zine

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