Our Story

The heart behind Adding Value

Adding Value was born out of a need for more ethical, sustainable finance and accounting services. 

Matthew, our founder and Managing Director, initially worked as a portfolio Finance Director across a number of charities and social enterprises. He realised that there was a lack of finance skills in the sector, with many organisations reliant on undertrained internal staff members or on an accountancy practice that didn’t understand how purpose-led organisations are driven. 

We love working with organisations and companies that share our passion to make the world a better place. Our team of multi-skilled accountants are experts in not-for-profit finance. As a socially driven business, we strive to add value for our clients in more ways than one.

Meet the Team


Finance Managers

We prepare your management accounts and financial reports and can help you manage your budgets and understand your numbers

Andrea Newnes

Finance Manager

Kerry Bradley

Finance Manager

Adam Kenyani

Finance Controller


We make sure all your finance data is neat and tidy and your finance admin is all sorted out

Matt Wright

Accounts Assistant

Ingrid Evans

Accounts Coordinator

Alana Hargreaves

Assistant Accountant

Anne Johnson


Nicky Jotham


Ka Yin Chow

Associate Bookkeeper

Finance Directors

We provide you with strategic financial advice to help your business thrive in the long term

Ann Crane

Finance Director

Matthew Brown

Managing Director

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Specialist Advisors

Taiana McEwan

Head of Operations

Victoria Port

Associate Bookkeeper

Sarah Brown

Director of Research

James Hernandez

Associate Fundraising and Development Consultant

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